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Welcome to
We should say Your Russell, because that's what is; it's yours. Take possession of your town.

Forget having to memorize web site addresses and don't worry about maintaining a list of 'bookmarked' sites for places and events in Russell. All you have to remember is that when you are looking for something in Russell, simply go to Here you will find everything pertaining to Russell we could find... and then some!
  Our goal is to narrow the immense power of the Internet and focus exclusively on your town.

Be sure to sign up for e-mail notices from  We will be sending out e-mail blasts announcing various events and news items related to Russell.

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  For Citizens

Take possession of your town! Each and every resident can have a piece of the action.

Not only can the local businesses in your town utilize this space to show you what they have to offer but you, the resident, can also use to help you plan your activities and even promote yourself!  It's quick, it's easy and it's free!! More to come.

For Businesses and Community Groups

Connect with the people who live in your town like never before. Allow people to see online information on your business, notify them when you have events or not-to-be-missed specials. Or simply bring them to your web site.

Community groups can keep people informed using the calendar and even have notices sent to people who have indicated in their profile that they wish to receive notices from you or organizations in your category. If you coach a team sport, you can have your players subscribe to notices that you post in your profile. Connect in a way you never were able to before with ease.

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